MooseBay Greenhouse Store

Ordering, Payment, and Pick Up Instructions:

Ordering as of April 17, 2020- The Greenhouse Store is now available to use for ordering.  Succulents, Cacti, Air Plants still need to be ordered by sending me a text with the appropriate tray numbers or picture numbers.  Plug succulents are available  in a PDF form.    We prefer you use the store for everything elseso that our product numbers are changed and I don't have to manually change them every day.  If you are wanting something that isn't available through the store please text or email me your order. When ordering via email or text please include:  Your Name, Your order number from the store (if you are ordering from the store),  your products and when you will be picking up the order. Orders will be taken on a first come first picked up bases.  I cannot guarantee your orders will be filled in full but we will contact you if something isn't available.  Once your order has been prepared you will be contacted with a total for your order.  You can pay at that time.  

Payment preferred is an etransfer to  We can do tap debit up to $100, correct cash, or credit card. 

Pick up goes as follows.  Please text me at 306-728-0208.  Your order will be brought to a cart, you pick it up and we say thank you, and you leave.   If you require any other purchases we will bring them to you.  Your are NOT permitted into the greenhouses at this time.  

I do have staff on the premises at this time.  We have taken preventative measures to ensure yours and our safety.  Please allow us to do our jobs and stay safe by NOTentering our space.  

If you have any questions please email me at or text me at 306-728-0208

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time

Your Greenhouse Lady and Friend


Please be mindful of the time you online order, text, facebook message, or email me.  My phone is on me 24hours a day.  My greenhouse alarms are connected to my phone so when you are contacting me at 2am or 5am and my phone notifications go off,  I am thinking my greenhouses are needing attention.  

Printable Plant Order Forms and Lists:

click on pdf file to open the form.

List as of May 6, 2020

plant list 06.pdf plant list 06.pdf
Size : 331.067 Kb
Type : pdf

Printable Succulent Plug List :

 click on pdf file to open the form.

succulent order form.pdf succulent order form.pdf
Size : 97.26 Kb
Type : pdf

Air Plants Available:

order by picture number when you click on the photo...

Succulents  Available:

order by picture number when you click on the photo......

Succulent Hanging Baskets:

Order by photo number when you click on the photo

Succulent trays: 

Order by tray number and plant grid.....

Printable House Plant List 

click on PDF file to open form

Not all House plants on the list is on the store site.  Please text me at 306-728-0208 if your looking for something that isn't on the list

house plant list .pdf house plant list .pdf
Size : 118.438 Kb
Type : pdf

Greenhouse Store

please be patient.....I am unable to add more product to my store as there was a 1000 item limit and I have hit it before all of the items were entered.  So if you have bought something here before and cannot find it or if you're looking for something that isn't on the list please ask.  I apologize for the mess but it was a massive amount of work to enter everything and to start over right now just cannot happen.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Water plants are arriving this week.