Well, I don't have to say it..... we ALL feel it, we all are affected, and we all wish it would just go away.  Yes, I too am frustrated with all the inconveniences but I am also very grateful that I have a place to go to, a purpose, and an escape.  So what does this all mean for the greenhouse.  Well it has been a tremendous amount of extra work.  I've had to cut my staff to a core of 7 people plus my family, there is a massive amount of extra cleaning and disinfecting every day,  I have spent every extra waking moment that I can focus in developing a webstore, I spend many hours on my phone with texts, messages, emails, phone calls, plus updating, and informing my customers on facebook, Instagram and twitter of what we are doing.  And amongst all of that I am trying to stay healthy and positive.  What are my plans.....  Right now we are only taking orders from the  greenhouse.  We are not allowing any customers into the buildings.  As time goes on and the weather warms up, we may add a walk through market outside the buildings.  We are unsure of the logistics yet but with social distancing and the great outdoors we feel that an opportunity for you to look may be an option.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates and we can figure it out in a healthy and safe manner.  

We thank you all for your continued support.  There are no words to share that really say thank you enough.  At the beginning of all of this I thought I may have to shut it all down, that no one would be wanting to come here or even shop but holy moly I am completely and totally honoured by the support.  Every single text, email, message, phone call, comment, likes on our social media sites have me speechless.  I KNOW that I am meant to do what I am doing and I will work my butt off even harder so that you can access my one stop shop.  I miss you all terribly,  I long to have my full staff and volunteers back under my roof, but I know that there is an end to all of this mess and we will be so much stronger coming out the other side.  

Take care, stay healthy, and remember you are not alone in this journey,

Until next time,