A reflection, a learning curve, a lesson learnt, and the realization of what really matters.  WOW.... I am blessed.  I am blessed to have family that have my back in times of need and in times to celebrate, I am blessed to be surrounded by friends that boost me up on my down days, carry me through when I want to give up, and praise me even though I don't feel that great.  I am blessed that I have staff that work their asses off (excuse the language) to make our business a safe place to come to, a place that provides joy, and a place that we can do what we do best.  Even with all those factors and blessings it is hard trudging through the trenches when you are the one responsible for all of those pieces.  There are many sleepless nights, many hours of research, and many days of anxiety wondering if we have everything in place.  It was exhausting to hear of people that were so bored of being at home and having to be home with their kids especially when I didn't have the time to even have a meal with mine.  It was insulting to be told that all of my work was going to be for nothing and I should just shut my doors; even though the plants were coming whether I wanted them or not.  And then it was liberating to know that all those nights, hours, research, anxiety, and all of the negativity was shoved in the societies faces when we succeeded beyond everyone's expectation.  And it is because of you that we were able to do that.  Thank you.  Thank you in believing in our products, for feeling safe enough to shop here, and thank you for your loyalty.  We had quite the run.  We learnt that we have way too many ways of communications, we learnt that online shopping may be the new normal, and we learnt that teamwork and perseverance will always win.  There is no I in this business.  MooseBay Greenhouses is a business made up of many great personalities, many hands that work tirelessly, and many people that I call my greenhouse family.  I am just fortunate enough to be the mom to it all. 
So what did I learn from it all.  I learnt that being in the trenches doesn't mean doing it alone.  I learnt that negativity only makes me push harder to succeed, and that at the end of the day the ONLY thing that matters is that I have tremendous respect for my family, friends, and staff that support me, love me, and shake me up when I need it. 
Until next time