This is Mary Hudy.  She is one of the many helpers that comes to plant.  She is 90 years young and planted all of the plants shown here in just one afternoon.  We enjoy her company and love to have her come out to brighten up our days with her humor and infectious smile.

This is my grandma Crow who comes all dressed up to plant on many occasions.  We tease her that we forget to wear our diamonds to the greenhouse.  The other two ladies that are busy planting are my cousins which we imported from B.C.  They came to visit so I put them to work of course.  The lady in red is my new assistant, Lorraine.  She has agreed to work beside me this season on a part-time basis.  I look forward to seeing her when she comes as I know that it's going to be a good day when she is around.
This is a picture of my mom in the blue stripe, my aunt Janice, Lorraine, and my son Tylers head.  They are busy transplanting petunias. Of course, Tyler is the inspector.  My mom comes out on a daily basis to help in any area needed.  She is the expert rooter.  She takes the ivy cuttings and gives them life as I have a black thumb when it comes to that sort of stuff.  My aunty Janice comes to help and keeps us all in line and on track.  She makes sure that there are no idle hands, feet or anything else that can get the work done.  She make me laugh.

Cory, my husband in the brown coveralls, my dad in the blue hat, Joe Schmeider in the blue coveralls, and my uncle Ted with his better side to the camera, are taking a break from mixing dirt, and putting on the new roof to the greenhouse. Cory told me that day, so that he would have witnesses, that he is no longer building me anything this year.  I suggested that the greenhouse that I was working in needed back doors but he had already put in his resignation.  Needless to say, the doors will have to wait.  Got to love men!!

I had the grade eight and nine class from Grayson School out to help with the greenhouse.  There were 10 students, one teacher, and 4 helpers that day.  The students did all the duties of the greenhouse operation and did them all very well.  I had them from 9am until 3pm and they worked the whole day. They all worked well together, there were no major upsets, and they exceeded my expectations.  A job well done.  This is a picture of two of the students planting the geraniums.