January 2017...... really it's been that long.  Apparently, I need to find more time to update my website.  What has happened since 2017..... well LOTS!!!!! 
2017 was a year of reflecting on those growths, learning from the struggles and celebrating the successes. So for the 2018 season, MooseBay Greenhouses wanted to change the focus of the way we did business and brought the business back to the basics.  We discontinued two of our wholesale contracts and in its place we inserted succulent, fairy garden, and  horticultural classes, as well as,started fundraisers.  All more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.  I realized that I LOVE teaching the public about plants.  To see the happiness that leaves from the classes makes all the sleepless nights, hours of planning, and long days so worth every bit of it.  It is also very cool to now have that connection with everyone that took the classes; it's a connection of learning, a connection of a common passion, and a connection of accomplishment.  All things that bring happiness; you can't put a price on that.  
2017 -2018 brought also brought milestones in our family. We had a convocation from Olds, College with a Horticulture degree, we had a gold and silver medal from Canadian and National Skills competitions in Welding, we had a graduation from grade twelve, and we had a graduation from grade nine. We also had a completion of first year welding program with SIAST.  All things that not only made this momma extremely proud but also made this momma feel very old.  lol
Enough with the bragging and back to business ;)
What will 2019 bring...... well let me start by saying I will have another child graduation from Grade Twelve...yikes.  So that means the greenhouse will be a buzz with graduation planning and will be closing early for the season.  What do I hope the season will look like in three words.......they are; busy, exciting, and rewarding.
Busy..... I am continuing with the classes for 2019 season. But adding a new division of fundraising.  I am offering a fundraising program for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Spring fundraisers will include pre-made succulent containers and classes.  Summer fundraisers will include a hanging basket programs. Fall fundraisers will include pre-made fall arrangements and  classes and the Winter fundraisers will include pre-made wintergreen arrangements and  Greens arrangement classes. The cost of the fundraisers will be my fees plus shipping. (Depending on the program you choose).  Your profit for the fundraiser is the price you add after my fees.  It all sounds busy but this busy is fun busy.  
Exciting..... fundraisers are exciting but ordering and finding new product gets those creative juices running.  Because of the discontinued product that has happened in the past two years; there is a lot of new products coming. I am in the process sorting through the mounds of catalogs and placing orders. Daunting but rewarding.  I am hoping to add more tropical and house plants this season.... so stay tuned.
Rewarding..... it's all rewarding but my passion is teaching.  I love to teach and talk about plants.  I would like to do more school projects.  Doing more hands on learning and teaching people about plants.  The good, the bad, the beneficial so to speak.  The good.... plants, flowers and nutrition; the bad.... bugs, disease, plant health;  the benefits.... well that word in it's self takes on a world of it's own.  The reward comes from giving just a seed of my passion to others and they can grow their own passion whether it be just knowledge or the love of plants. Rewarding also means entering into our 12th year of business.  Twelve years of cultivating greenhouse families and growing new friendships because of that.  I have realized that it's the people that make the business not the business that makes the business.  We will always provide quality products, valuable customer service, and honesty; however the reward for us is the people.  That being YOU!!!!! You are my people.....you are the business.....you are my reward and I thank you. 
So as we take on the new 2019 season with busy, exciting and rewarding as our goals let us remember that no matter how busy we are, no matter how exciting life can be, and no matter what the rewards are.... you need to take time for yourself to feel the busy, to embrace the exciting and to honor the reward. 
Until next time,