Happy Easter to you. 
We have been busy filling up the greenhouses these past three weeks. This season we seemed to have hit the ground running.  Other years we eased into planting and took our time.  This year I had the plants three days before we started and we all felt like we had been hit by a truck the first week.  Our bodies weren't use to the lifting, bending, and running.  The planters were unbelievable.  They planted up to 4000 plants a day which required soil to be mixed, pots filled, watered, and the plants ready to be planted. They planted so well that I gave them a week off until the next shipment arrived.  We started again this Monday and they pretty well got them all planted by Friday.  I am hoping to have something for them to plant on Monday so we can chit chat and enjoy each others company.  It's quite something to see all these ladies around one table and in a 24x48 building working like a team.  It really impresses me.  I usually have no less than 9 of us a day and have had up to 12, working under one roof. 
This season's plants are looking fantastic. I brought in more coleus, beautiful begonias, tropical plants, grasses, foliage type plants and succulents/cacti. There are new wave type petunias, ivies, geraniums, and bedding plants.  Lots to look at again this season. We gave hair cuts this week and if the sun decides to come out I can almost see them growing. 
The tree, shrub, and perennial ordering is almost coming to an end.  I have had some emails to discuss delivery dates so that is very exciting.  It is like spring in a truck when they arrive.  One year the apple trees were blooming when they arrived and we still had snowbanks in the yard.  The smell in the truck was fantastic and the bees that hitched a ride were looking for winter coats. 
We open May 8 this year instead of May 1.  I wanted to give us some time to organize the greenhouses, tree shipments, and water plant shipments before we opened.  The past two years it has been chaos trying to ship out to our wholesalers, price and pick out sold items while having to provide customer service.  I am going to see if this will help to provide better customer service.  
Happy Easter to you and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Until next time,