Opening day is fast approaching and I'm excited. As I run in circles, Lorraine and the crew have been busy making sure the plants are looking great.  It is very much appreciated by me.  Well, I was trying to think about what I could write today and I remembered the exciting news.  I was able to get a supply of Flora America Tomato seeds.  I haven't planted the tomatoes myself but they are suppose to be a very nice plant with abundant fruit.  I will be trying them myself this year. 

I took a few pictures of the greenhouse today so I will give you a taste of the paradise I get to live in everyday during this cool weather. 

Our poor dog, Lacey, had ear surgery so I had to show how funny she looks with her dish.  It's even funnier when she barks.  It's like a megaphone.

This is the new 3D osteo.  Love the colors.  I have three different colors. This next picture is of a customers basket that has the Red Threads Alteranthera. Love this plant but I only have a few so they are limited. This is just a couple of pics but we have been pruning the blossoms off of the other plants for better branching so I don't have anymore flowers right now. We will now start to let things blossom so that you will be able to see the pretty colors. As more plants flower I will post more pictures. Have a great week. Until next time.