December was a blur and January seems to be flying by just as fast.  We have gone from snow to more snow then bitterly cold.  The forecast, more snow.  Go figure.  The ordering process has been slow for me this year.  I have been preoccupied but I think that I am now on track.  I am going through my "to do list" and crossing things off.  The alpine petunias have still caused a problem.  It seems that no one can get them for me.  However, I am still on the quest.  The trees, shrubs, herbs and perennials were just ordered this week so I am excited to see my confirmation lists arrive.  I have learned some life lessons in 2010 which have taught me to not take life for granted.  To stop and smell the roses so to say.  I have met some wonderful people in my journey and I am greatful.  I hope to take in the new greenhouse season with more awareness for the passion that I call my job.  I thank you all for supporting that passion.  I would also like to thank all of those that purchased poinsettias from the Growing Hope Trust Fund.  We were able to support 5 low income families with Christmas food hampers.  With the success of the poinsettias I hope to do this again next year. 
Take care until next time
Judy Kraushaar