When I wrote the unsaved blog yesterday I was feeling that time has been flying by too quickly.  I can't believe that the harvest finally finished and that we are in preparation mode for the snow.  SNOW something we have had twice already.  HEAT something we didn't have a whole lot of this summer.  MOISTURE something I thought we would never get rid of. Spring, that seemed to linger on forever. Summer, did we have one. Fall, hoping for a Chinook. Winter, that comes too soon but is a welcome sight in our house.  
This fall we have made space for a new greenhouse building.  I am expanding, I know, I said I won't build again but when you are as passionate about something as I am about the Greenhouse industry, it's inevitable.  My husband now says that's it but I am hoping to sneak in a retail area some day. The big question now is "who's name is going on the greenhouse".  No I am not having anymore children so you will have to come see who's name gets the honor. 
This season went by sooooo quickly.  It seems to be getting faster and faster.  I remember when I was a kid and my parents and grandparents would complain about how time flew by and I would think "ya right".  Well is it an age thing or what.  By the time I am the age of my parents I'm going to need a scooter to keep up.  lol  Never mind, I need one already.  I had the pleasure of inviting some teenagers over this fall to help me clean out the greenhouses and a few building so that we would be ready for the move and removal of buildings.  I haven't had that much fun watching grown boys scream and scatter over a few mice.  Big boys verses a tiny creature!!  Needless, to say I have gotten some cats and mouse poison since.  It was however, very entertaining.  There were times that I laughed so hard I cried.  It is quite something to have so many hands that make light work.  We cleaned out four building, moved three, and even had time for a wiener roast and a drive to go to our shack. All in a matter of an afternoon.
This weekend we are hoping to get the shell of the new greenhouse up and ready for the propane heaters to be installed ASAP.  SaskEnergy is coming within the next few weeks to dig in new lines to two greenhouses and bring me a bigger tank.  But we all know that we can plan for this but it doesn't always work like we plan.  I am putting permanent heat into the Tyler Greenhouse so that I can get that greenhouse up and running sooner in the season.  So bigger and better.
I am in a frenzy to get my 2014 products ordered.  I have new suppliers that I am trying to work with and like anything new it takes time.  In my case a snails pace.  Frustrating but I am hoping that with a new supplier I am able to get different products and exciting colors.  You know me, I like different.  So I am going to keep you in suspense for a little while longer.  You will be the second person to know what new and exciting products I am providing this season.  
The kids are great.  Janelle is doing her second year in Production Horticulture at Olds College.  She is worked at Over the Hill Orchard in Lumsden this past summer and LOVED it.  She has an opportunity to go back when she is done school in the spring.  It's exciting to me to see her evolve into a profession and as a woman.  It makes us proud.  Tyler, our oldest son, is our right hand man on most jobs around the farm.  He enjoys proving to me that he is much stronger and much taller than I.  I have come to the conclusion that I can't wrestle with him anymore because it always ends badly for me.  So I now pick on Ryan.  :)  Ryan, is the food provider in our family.  He lives to hunt.  I think that he loves to because of the peace and quiet that he gets but either way he is always asking if he can go out hunting.  Ryan, is my go to guy.  He is very helpful in the greenhouse and is an excellent cook.  He has perfected the art of making Tuna Casserole and we enjoy it every time he makes it.  Katelyn, our youngest, loves animals, writing, crafts, and reading.  She is always reading about what animal would make a great pet or animal mystery books.  She got a rabbit this spring and we have had lots of fun with that.  Bugsy, has become part of the family but he has his own house.  We were without cats for awhile because they make such a mess in the greenhouses. But after our mouse incident this fall I agreed to get some cats to catch the mice.  We are the owners of three kittens right now.  I thought I said two but I found one in the parking lot of Extra Foods this fall and couldn't just leave it there and yesterday we took in two more to keep Ripple company.  Yes I'm a sucker.  Katelyn is in dance again this year and has a new passion in horseback riding.  She went riding with a friend this summer and decided that horses are great.  She has always talked about wanting a horse but we just don't have time for that.  She is taking riding lessons and they provide the horse which works out great for me.  It's a win win situation.  Besides, I'm terrified of them.  
Well that is the update for now.  Let's just hope this doesn't get erased or lost again,
Take care until next time,