April was filled with beautiful weather and many days of transplanting.  We recruited some new people this month for transplanting, soil mixing, and pot filling.  Many thanks to them for the hours and hours of work they did to get things done.  Well done is not the proper word as done is never done.  I should have said it was nice to start a new project.  So the project for May has been trying to keep plants trimmed and looking nice.  It is hours and days of taking every container and looking to see if it needs trimming so that new shoots form.  I like to have the trimming done as I know that the plants will be nicer and fuller for my customers.  However, after a few days of trimming it does get tiring.  Thank goodness for Lorraine as she is forever trimming and even with a smile.  April also brought names to the greenhouses as I was tired of trying to explain which one was the right one to go to.  So now the red lean greenhouse is Katelyn, the perennial shed is Ryan, the new new greenhouse is Tyler, and the new big greenhouse is Janelle.  The kids were confused the day I named the greenhouses because they came home from school to find their names on each of the greenhouses.  However, confusion was soon exchanged with excitement as they each had their own building.  It is so much easier for me. 

The weather has been nasty.  Cold, Cold, rainy, rainy, snow, snow, everyday, everyday.  I am tired of waking up to snow.(Who would have thought that, as I love winter).  I guess I am more tired of spending money heating the greenhouses and not being able to get things organized the way that I would like them to be.  In due time.  The perennials, trees, shrubs, and herbs have arrived.  The succulents, cacti, and water plants arrive tomorrow.  So I am excited it is like christmas opening up the boxes.  The weather is suppose to warm up tomorrow and all the plants are here, the road will get graded, and the customers wil come,  all is looking brighter.  Can't wait.

I hope to do weekly updates for the months of May and June.  The updates will be to answer questions and to give some hints on keeping your plants and pots looking nice for the season.  You can post your questions on the comments page which will be forwarded to my email address.  Your address and name are not given to me with the forward so you will have to provide it for me.  I will then post the question and answer on the blog using the name you would like me to use.  If I don't know the answer I will find it for you. 
Something else that I am starting is a foundation called "Growing Hope".  This foundation is to help the people of our communities that are in a situation that finds them in need of some assistance.  The foundation is my way of giving back to the community that has given me hope to follow my dreams and be successful.  We are planning a garden party in June where all the proceeds of the day will go directly to the foundation.  Stay tuned for more information.  I will make a new page with all of the information. 

I will post some pictures next time.  Happy planting and hope to see you at the greenhouse.