I was looking back at some of my blogs and I am always surprised by the way time flies by.  I shouldn't be surprised, I lived the time that seemed to have flown by but REALLY where does the time go.  It has been almost a year since I posted a note here.  

In that year I reflect back at what was accomplished, what was felt, how I made a difference, what my family contributed, how I contributed to my family, what I need to change, and what is to come.  In that reflection I also really take a look at the important things.  Things that I need to make a better choices and make more of a priority.

This past year was definitely a year that tried me and I know that I am not alone in that.  We started with the bitter cold LONG winter, to a spring that was resulted in cold damp weather and not great growing conditions, then a summer that brought us buckets of rain which resulted in disastrous flooding and then a devastating hail storm that seem to finish what was left, Fall dragged out forever.  Because of the hail our crops were late and we didn't start combining until the end of October. I had some health issues that prevented me to help with harvest this season so we struggled to finish.  I tell you all of this because in all of the doom and gloom there was in our lives; there are lessons that were learned.

I learned that there is a silver lining even though it seems that everything possible seems to go wrong and no matter which way you turn you seem to get knocked down.  The silver lining of my spring was the fantastic staff I have that supported me through the lowest time in my career, I met fantastic professionals that guided me through the technical issues I faced, the friends that came "just because" to help me get my orders together, the never ending supply of meals that were sent, the encouraging words that got me through the day, and my dear family that trudged through the spring and never left my side.  My summer that provided us with disaster also surrounded us with family, friends and love. We spent many hours trying to save our yard, house, bins, etc. and we won.  We worked together and for friends to save what we could which made our friendships even stronger.   Our youngest son played baseball in Meadow Lake mid-July.  It was a true blessing for us to spend that time as a family to regroup and relax.  We came home feeling like we could accomplish whatever was going to be thrown our way. And we did.  The fall tried to tear us down again.  I don't know if it is an age thing or if it's just life lessons but I felt that this fall was given to me to reflect on what is really important.  My husband, my children, our families, and the people that provide a positive influence on our lives are what really matter. We say that life happens but do we really know what life is.  Is it living or is it just being present.  My life lessons for my past year is to embrace whatever is given.  Be present in the presence.  Don't take one millisecond for granted.  What is in the past is the past, what is now is now and what is in our future is unknown.  I have lived much of my life by the second.  There are times that I don't know if one more second can be tolerated but I realized that even just thinking about the second, a second has gone by and I missed it.  I missed living my most fullest life.  I worried about getting through the second only the have it go by in worry.  It is hard to be present, it is hard to leave your old habits, it is hard to be your truest self in a society that judges us by material things. It feels great though to be loved, admired, and nurtured by the people and circumstances that you surround yourself.  It is a path with much resistance but a path that is very much worth while.  I thank my year for allowing me to be a better person to myself, my family and my friends.  I know that there is much more for me to learn but I would like to have a break and enjoy my lessons.  
Thats all for now,
Until next time,