Well, I don't have to tell you that it has been months since my last entry.  Mega amounts of time has passed by and many major events have happened in our lives.  The greenhouse season was exciting and busy.  I enjoyed seeing old faces and meeting the new.  May was a wet spring for us again.  We were wetter, in the fields, this year than the past year.  We managed to plant our crops by the end of June. 
June was an anxious month.  We had a tight schedule to keep.  I closed the greenhouse down a week early due to our oldest, Janelle, graduating.  We bought a second hand travel trailer(which needed major cleaning), had our annual Garden Party, Janelle's Grad Family and Friends gathering, Janelle's Grad, Closing of the Greenhouse, and moving Janelle to Portage La Prairie all in a span of 10 days.  I had great friends, employees, and family to help me pull it off.  So June was a whirl wind and July wasn't much better.  We spent a week in Portage touring and visiting with great friends. Came home caught up on yard work.  Cory and the Boys went to Moose Jaw to help my Uncle build his steel quanset so us girls went to visit Janelle again for 5 days.  The end of July was spent cleaning up the yard and preparing for Cory's big 40th birthday party.  
August started with Cory's Birthday party.  I managed to pull it off but had to tell Cory that we had something planned.  As most of you know Cory is a day by day kind of guy so I needed to make sure he didn't have plans for the field that weekend.  He was surprised by our guests and visitors from great friends from Manitoba.  He still talk about that.  August, September, October was a long drawn out process.  We were harvesting but had to wait for our crops to ripen.  It was nice to not have to rush this year but it was painful to wait.  I even learned to drive the Tandem truck we purchased.  Yes, I'm a pro now. 
This November was busy with the Saskatchewan Greenhouse Growers Association's Green Trades Conference.  We hired a new managing director from Grayson so it was nice to be involved with the process.  I am excited to announce that I have taken the role of President of the Association which is a new feeling for me.  I have a vision for the Association so like the old saying goes, "Change can only be done if you do it yourself".  Well, I am definately not by myself, I have a great Board of Directors and an excellent team of Managing Directors. 
In between all the excitement I have placed my orders for my seed, plugs, air plants, succulents, cacti, trees, and shrubs.  I am still in the process of adding to the perennial order, as well as, trees and shrubs.  I am excited to try some new products and I am again having trouble finding some of our favorites.  I will update you more on the new trends in my next blog.
So if there is any products that you would like to see this year it is not too late to put in your request.  I am still taking orders. 
Stay tuned for more and take care til next time.