Time flies when your having fun!  This season has been eventful to say the least.  With all the rain, water, flooding and snow not to mention the cold temperatures and lack of sun the plants have faired well.  We had greenhouses flood, yard flooding, water in the basement of our house, our driveway needed to be cut to let the water out before it flooded our bins full of oil seeds, moving friends out of their flooded homes, our main road to the lake needing to be closed and rebuilt due to hill falling away, and not to forget still needing to heat the greenhouses well into June, oh yes, and also trying to seed our crops.  Interesting to say the least.  I can honestly say water is the main topic of most conversations and yes I am tired of water.  With all the flooding going on around us I still have to go out to water the greenhouses. Yuk.  

The plant of the season, of course, was the black petunias.  I ordered only a few to see what they would be like and I sold out of them before the greenhouse opened.  I have trouble liking the black only because I haven't figured out how to showcase them.  They tend to fade away in an arrangement.  If anyone has seen where they are showy let me know.  My annual favorites this year so far are still the Talinum, Laurentian, Phormiums, the dark red geraniums, anything lime green, the color yellow, and the combination of orange, lime green, and blue.  I also loved the succulent baskets I made this year.  They didn't have much for flowers but the texture was very cool.  Oh yes, I almost forgot the Supertunia Sangria Charm.  What a wonderful plant.  Forsure a favorite for next year.  The perennial favorite this year is the pink, blue, and white speedwell, the lemon thyme, irish moss, turf lilies, and the hostas.  The shrub favorite for me are the Snowball spirea,  Tor spirea, Mock orange, dwarf mugo pine, and the orange potentilla.  I also really liked the pear trees that I had this year.  They were nice and tall with nice branch form.  Next year I hope to bring in more variety of trees and shrubs. 

I want to thank all of you that braved the weather and road conditions to come and support my business.  We work very hard to provide the best product and are excited to see it in your yards.  The season isn't over for me yet.  I plan to stay open until the middle of July only because I have lots of flowers left and I hope that there are a few people that still need something to fill in their flower beds or just a cheer me up.  Drop by to browse or just to say hello.  I will be glad to sit and have a coffee or two.  Take care until next time.
Judy Kraushaar