Hurray, May 1 is opening day.  I'm very excited to get the season started.  We are cramped right now for room but once the weather smartens up I can move some plants to other areas.  This past week has kept us busy with hanging basket and wave trimmings.  Yes it is sad to see blossoms get chopped off but it is nice to see them bloom fuller next time.  I have a few pictures from this week.

This is a picture of a begonia in one of my cone baskets. I love the orange.  The bottom picture is a Dark Blue Calibrachoa that makes me smile everytime I walk by.  The color is so deep.

Another calibrachoa that makes my day is the double magenta.  It is so tiny and cute.  I like it as a filler in my containers. 

That is all for this week.  Hope to see you all soon.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email me. 
Until next time. 
Judy Kraushaar