Phew.... I thought I had missed spring while being so wrapped up in the tropics.  I can now see some mud and running little rivers in my yard.  I usually dislike this time of year because I am constantly vaccuming and shoveling out my porch. However, this year I am welcoming the mud, extra tonnes of laundry, the build up of water behind my greenhouses with open arms and embracing the smell of rotting grass and snow mold.  Yum!!!  On the brighter side, I do leave the stench to the smell of fresh dirt, blooming flowers, and the realization that it will only be a matter of time.  This year has been a challenge to determine when to do my seeding.  Seed to early and have no place to put the plants, seed to late and they aren't mature enough to sell.  Yuck.  As of today, I only have two greenhouses heated and I am optimistic that I can start another greenhouse by the end of the week.  This will be the permanent home to the pansies, petunias, tomatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables.  I think the plants will be feeling relieved that they don't have to fight for space anymore.  I have delayed the shipments of my trees, shrubs, and perennials to the second week in May.  I am hoping by then I will have enough bare ground to place them outside.  The water plants are being ordered today and the rest of the succulents, air plants, and water misers are coming at the end of the week. 
So the season has almost begun and the plants of the week will be starting May 1. Stay tuned for the pictures, specials, and informational posts.
Until next time,