I had a local artist named Madison Blackstone paint new signs for the highways.  I am absolutely in love with them.  Hope you appreciate them as much as me. 
Janelle, Katelyn and Jolan pretending to be busy.  This is Janelle and Katelyn being silly.
This is Mary Hudy explaining to us that she doesn't need to wash her hands. Dirts good for you.
 I love this woman to pieces. She is in her 90's and comes to plant my begonias. She blesses every one of them.
  This is what happens when the cat is away. The mice shall play. We took Janelle to Olds, Alberta to check out the Horticulture program that she has been accepted into this fall. So I told my girls to behave. This is the picture I woke up to one morning.  And minors too. My Grandma Crow, which I won't mention her age or I would be disowned, comes regularily to help transplant. We get to hear about all her coffee friends at the A&W and get to tease her quite a bit. Love her to pieces too. Come rain or snow there is no stopping her. She has winter tires you know!!

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of having Grayson School upper grades come to work in the greenhouses for me.  The plant seeds, transplant seedlings, transplant plugs, mix dirt, fill containers, learn how to propogate, etc.  They also learn the importance of heat, fertilizer, different funguses, different pests, reasons for my potting mix, etc.  We have lots of fun working together and learning all at the same time.  Thanks kids for an excellent experience for me and my volunteers that help me throughout the day.
This is our yard after 2 inches of rain and 20 minutes of hail on Tuesday. Really too much to handle.
That's all for today,
Until next time