The time has come for the ordering to start, new ideas begin, and excitement for the season is arising.  The alpine petunias that I so wonderfully talked about are proving to be a bit of a problem in acquiring.  I am on the hunt and will not give up too easily. Another big question is black or no black.  There are new varities of petunias and pansies that have been bred to be black or with a stripe of black.  Not sure what to think of the whole idea.  Do we plant flowers for color or do we plant for interest?  Can we get both by using black?  This is the dilema. Let me know what your thoughts are on the whole concept. 
November is proving to be exciting.  The Green Trade Conference is scheduled to go the Remembrance day weekend.  I am taking my oldest daughter, Janelle, this year.  She is looking to go into horticulture when she graduates so it is an excellent way to meet the best in the industry to pick their brains.  I am looking forward to learning new ways to provide better product and I am excited to take a sneak peek into the new trends. 
Take care until next time.