2014, what do you have for us?  

I took the Christmas season off from my office and all it's piles of work waiting for me.  It feels great to come back refreshed and have a renewed feeling that the piles mean progress not just work.  The cold weather also keeps me focused on the now well sorted to do piles that will soon be marked as finished.  Christmas was fantastic for me this year.  It was filled with family, memories, traditions, and friends.  I truly am blessed to have all of them in our lives.  
The Greenhouse ordering has come to a three quarters done.  yippee.  I felt like Santa, checking the list twice, seeing who's been naughty or nice.  There is still some work to be done on Tropical plants, Trees, Shrubs, Water Plants, and Perennials.  But I see the light at the end of the ordering tunnel.  
How is the ordering going? Well, today I was informed that the succulent wreaths that were available to us last year are not this year.  I will just have to make the wreaths myself.  I am excited about the new products that are available to us this year.  I am using a few new suppliers this season, which has opened up newer product lists for me. You know me, I like different.   
The new Greenhouse that we built this year is ALMOST done.  We are just waiting for the heating systems to be installed and the benches to be made.  Cory asked me yesterday when the latest possible date he had for being finished.  I was very cautious in my dates.  
I have been trying to work on my Facebook page and creating interest in the site.  I have experimented with promotions with Facebook and yesterday my page reached 4700 people instead of the 400 I was normally getting.  So, my interest is peaked and you will soon be seeing more of MooseBay Greenhouses on Facebook.  I have taken some workshops on social media and will be experimenting some more with Twitter and Pinterest.  I need things that are quick to do and easy to get out to you.  Seems simple enough.  
So what is next for me?  Well, I have a month filled with meetings and projects that need to be finished.  I look forward to February when my side of the family spends a few days relaxing and enjoying one another's company.  
Until next time,