It seems like yesterday that I just posted my May blog.  So I never got around to blogging every week but I did try a couple of times but with dial-up internet it took too long.  The greenhouse season was again successful.  I had a hard time keeping up to planting but finally got into a groove and figured out an assembly line.  I'd place and others would plant.  Some days we could plant up to 40 pots in a day.  That's what I call a GOOD days work.  The weather of course took its toll on some of the plants and they never really recovered from the cold and dampness, however, there will be next year and better solutions. The best sellers for the year were the succulents, water plants, and basket stuffers.  The plant to keep an eye out for next year is the alpine petunia.  Very petite and very cute.  Loved, loved the water baskets.  They are easy to care for and very simple to set up.  I am started to get excited about ordering for next year.  The seed catolog is out already.  I had to force myself not to look at it yet.  Even though the greenhouse season was a success I was exhausted and needed a break.  So June 31, I packed up the camper and we went to the lake for 12 days.  I am now rested and ready to go again. 
On June 26, we hosted the Growing Hope Foundation Tea.  We had approx. 80 people attend the tea along with the sales from the Greenhouse, we raised 1500.00.  I would like to Thank everyone that came out to make the tea such a success.  The moneys raised has helped give someone else hope which "pays it forward". 
Here is just a few pics from the season.