MooseBay Greenhouses

It is with much thought and soul searching that I have chosen to RETIRE from the Greenhouse as of JUNE 15, 2021. 

I still love what I do and the passion for the industry is still as strong.  I just need to find a balance that is healthy for me and for my family. I have given my whole self-being to this business and now it's time for me to enjoy life that gives me more freedom to just be me.  I am forever grateful for the people that I have met along my journey and greenhouse friends/family that I look forward to seeing every year.  You will be missed dearly. So as I enter my final year in getting ready things look a whole lot different.  What does that mean.... it means that I will not be operating at full capacity this coming spring.  If you are wanting to place an order for yourself please do so at this time.  I will not be bringing in anything more than what I have commitments for.  I will have few extras and so placing an order is best advised.  You can contact me at 306-728-0208 if you have any questions and if you want to place an order the best is to email me at or text me at 306-728-0208

Take care and we will talk soon,


If you have gift certificates, you need to use them before June 1, 2021 or they will be voided.  

We can now sell you a gift card online in a $25, $50, $100, $150, or an amount of your choice.  Your eCertificate can then be emailed to the person you want to give the card to and they will receive a code that they can use to redeem at the greenhouse.  If you want a custom certificate made for you I can still do that just text me at 306-728-0208 and we can work something out.

All certificates have an expiry of June 1, 2021 as I will be retiring from the business June 15, 2021 

To begin the buying process press the "click here to purchase an eGift card" words and you can make your purchase