The Growing Hope Trust Fund is a fund established and supported by MooseBay Greenhouses.  Making a difference in someone's life is the vision for Growing Hope.  Its focus is to assist individuals and families in times of need.  It is a fund to "Grow Hope" in our communities and future generations.  The last 11 years, we have raised over $31,000. All the funds raised have been given out to various families, projects, sponsorship, community functions, etc.   We have also established a yearly Scholarship in Growing Hopes name.  There are two scholarships given to two schools in our school division. I am honored to be able to say:  Thank you for allowing us the ability to share in others hopes and dreams.  There is no better feeling than letting others know that there is a brighter tomorrow. 


2019 Growing Hope Garden Tea

June 15, 2019


more information to come in March

The Growing Hope Trust Fund is proud to announce that we are offering two scholarships.  One in Grayson School from grades four to grade eight and one in the Melville Comprehensive High School for a grade twelve student.  The selection of the recipient is to be made by all teachers or nominations made by the teachers to the awards committee.  The criteria for the Scholarship is as follows.

Someone that needs to be recognized for being the person they are.  Being recognized for those qualities assists them to take pride in themselves.  So that they realize that hard work and perseverance does pay off.  I would like this scholarship to be based on the six pillars of Character; which doesn’t mean that this person has to have all these characteristics.  However, must be genuinely good hearted and of great character. The six pillars are:

1.        Trustworthy

           2.        Respectful

             3.        Responsible

              4.        Fair

           5.        Caring

           6.        Citizenship



Honesty, reliable, courage to do the right thing, has built a good reputation, loyal to family, friends, and one self


Following the golden rule, tolerant and accepting of differences, considerate of others, easy going in tough situations


Plans ahead, uses self control, self disciplined, considers consequences, is accountable for words, actions, and attitudes, sets a good example for others to follow 


Is open minded, listens to others, doesn’t take advantage of others, non-judgmental, treats all people fairly,


Kind, compassionate, expresses gratitude, forgiving, helps people in need,


Does ones share to make your community and school better, cooperate, gets involved in community and school affairs,

respects authority, protects the environment, volunteers

Other criteria are:

Leadership qualities, academics are not to be a factor, attendance can be a factor but not a deciding factor, has a passion that is infectious.