MooseBay Greenhouses

We will be posting specials on this page that will be available

FOR SALE... contact me if you would like to purchase a product...

I can be reached via text at 306-728-0208


via email at

tell me the Item and how many you would like to purchase

.....Valentine's Day Special....

A sneak peek at a "Aloe you very much" kit

$70 value for $30

Each kit is a one of a kind surprise

Kits are used to build your own Fairyland or add to your existing village

Each kit comes to you boxed, ribbon wrapped with a Valentine's topper, and a small envelope to write a customized note

Order your kits now before they are gone

You can text or call me at 306-728-0208 to order your kit  OR order online at the store.  Go to the Online Store for flowers tab and then to the Kits tab.

.....POTS FOR SALE.....

Quantities may vary as the pots are sold....

You can find the pots on the online store under the Online Store for Flowers tab and the categories Kits then Pots

More pots will be added as we continue to go through the greenhouse supplies

Pots $5 each

Pots $7 each

Pots $3 each


....Christmas Pots....

I would love to sell the Christmas stock as a whole lot which would also include all the supplies needed to make the arrangements.  You can book an appointment to see what is available if you text or call me at 306-728-0208. 

Make me a reasonable offer...